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Convert Vision into Data

The i3VSA system analyses and manages large amounts of video which is converted to intelligent data providing the end user with the tools to make informed decisions.

Secure your workplace, staff, and customers with i3VSA and make your CCTV systems smarter!

Security systems and video analytics for retail

360 degree object recognition

Video Analytics uses algorithms to monitor, analyse and manage video footage. It can work in real-time to track and provide alerts to specific incidents as they happen, or post event to search for incidents that have already occurred.

Video analytics enhances the potential of existing IP CCTV surveillance system by increasing security and public safety. It can be used in multiple sectors such as in government, retail, medical, transport, airports and help to protect people and assets against harm and damage before an event occurs.

There are two key concepts in which Video analytics work on. Motion detection is one and pattern recognition the other.

Motion Detection works by examining each pixel in the selected frame and video analytics software is able to pick up any movement. Pattern Recognition is used to distinguish an object within a selected video frame.

Any change happen within the selected frame i.e. an object is moved, goes missing, or new object added; the software immediately recognizes it and sends out an alert.

Some applications of Video Analytics in security and surveillance include:

> Object recognition
> Facial and number plate recognition
> Motion tracking
> Security Access Point Monitoring
> Perimeter Protection / Intrusion Detection
> Abandoned Object
> Object Removal
> Camera Tampering
> Alarm activation

Video analytics is also becoming popular in retail and most of the analytics insight can be valuable for marketing, sales and merchandising teams. Insights include:

> Footfalls (People counting)
> Customers’ demographic profile
> Display/shelf space effectiveness
> Forensics analysis of data to determine trends
> Stock control
> Staff optimisation
> Heat mapping
> Dwell time
> Path patterns
> Queue management


The i3VSA system is highly customisable and able to adapt to most industry needs. Keep your facilities secure, your staff, customers, and the general public safer, and make informed decisions. Call us at VTS today and find out how we can help.

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