Security technology for cruiser

Ensure Deck Safety

Security on the high seas

Cruise Ships are small cities on water, making security and control absolutely necessary when boats are far away from the coast. Our security and video analytic systems will provide all the video data needed to increase safety from the time of boarding until the final destination.

Security systems for cruiser

Consumer Behaviour Insights

Learn how to get business intelligence to improve management of your business on the high seas.

VTS solutions combine CCTV surveillance systems, access control, video analytics software, vision asset tracking technologies along with “You’re Welcome” system to provide complete security and the best onboard customer experience. We also provide insights that are useful for your business strategy by helping to understand your consumer’s behaviors.

CCTV is important to maintain an overall view of what is happening on board but most systems take some time to manage. At VTS we understand and that is why we integrate CCTV with Vision Analytic to create a fully automated system that can be set up to perform most of the work for you. Chose an area and apply an action, which will trigger an event and send alerts once this action is triggered. For example, why spend time looking at the deck through your CCTV system when your system can do it for you. By choosing an area such as the outer edge of the deck and creating an action if that perimeter is breached the CCTV systems will automatically start recording footage of where the breach occurred and you will receive an alert via any device or desktop along with the footage so that you can determine if a passenger has fallen overboard.

This is just one action of many that can be created as automated actions.

There a various access control solutions, which can include biometrics for high-level security areas such as the ship’s bridge. Other access control solutions can be used for cabins, storage areas etc and can be delivered via cards, fobs, and even smart devices. VTS works with a large number of brands that can also be integrated with the rest of our solutions.

VTS also has vision asset tracking which is a patent solution that integrates with CCTV systems to provide asset and people tracking solutions that can be captured and tracked via CCTV. This solution can also be set up tp provide various alerts and updates and can automatically enter and remove items from the ships inventory system automatically. For example, the ship receives pallets of food and once they onboard they are automatically entered and you can use the systems to search and track individual items via CCTV so you never loose sight of them.

You’re Welcome, can ensure your passengers feel like more than just a number by greeting them, supplying information touch points throughout the ship, sending them any for of communications including safety alerts and guiding them through the ship.

Below are a few solutions VTS provides.

  • Man over board detection
  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Facial recognition and biometrics
  • Heat mapping
  • People counting
  • Crowd management
  • Person underwater (pool)
  • Staff management
  • Water, chemical or oil spill detection

These are just some examples of the VTS solution. For more information contact us at VTS today!

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