VTS – Vision Technology Systems would like to introduce “Vision Analytics”.

This new system will not only better your safety and surveillance in store, but also completely boost your marketing effectiveness. Oh, and did we mention that whilst this system is currently being rolled out within the UK and Asia, you could be the very first company in Australia to have this system in place?

Now we’ve got you interested.

But how you may ask?

Vision Analytics offers business owners:

-100% store coverage with the use of 360 degree cameras and remote access (yep, no blind spots, nothing is missed and you can check in from the comfort of your couch, or desk – considering that’s probably where you live anyway).

-Customer behaviour analytics (Vision Analytics can analyse where customers are gravitating towards when they walk inside your store, giving you an easy display of their movement patterns, queue times and other consumer behaviours.)

-Customer and staff count (the system tells you when there are too many customers to the amount of staff on site, alerting you that you should call someone in for a shift, stat.)

-Bespoke reporting facilities (basically, you can manage your staff from the click of a button – with a dashboard of KPI’s, store performance, staff count and conversion rates).

-POS searches for any client and any criteria (you will have access to footage of any transaction made, offering you a complete, secure system that enables you to easily pick up where mistakes are being made/ better manage revenue loss).

-WEB based transactions (access transaction footage remotely… back to that couch…)

-Camera viewing app for iPads and iPhones (the cameras can be viewed from around the store on your own device, or remotely… couch).


Sounds pretty nifty, but how does my business benefit?

-General retail operations

-Workforce management

-Loss prevention

-Store Design


-Visual Merchandising

Just imagine one system that effectively manages each of these areas in your business.

Would it make your job easier and tasks more efficient?

You think so? We know so.


The next step?

If this a system that your company would be interested in, VTS would like to invite you to visit one of our showrooms located in Northgate, Queensland or Homebush Bay, New South Wales to take a look at our system in action, meet our directors – Tony or Travis, and find out exactly how we can help you more effectively manage your business.

Or, if you prefer we can also visit you in store.

Pick up the phone, shoot us through an email, respond to this post, whatever it is – just have a chat with us, we like to talk.

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