Video analytics for retail. Heat maping.

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VTS has a complete solution when it comes to retail. We work with the latest and most reliable CCTV surveillance systems and have partnered up with innovative companies to provide solutions such as Intelligent Video Analytics. Add to this our PATENT Vision Asset Tracking for Retail (VAT4R) and Trolley Tracking and you have a total solution for your retail environment.

Video analytics for retail

CCTV Analytics

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VTS provides the latest in CCTV surveillance systems whatever your budget, including our patent asset tracking technology VAT4R (Vision Asset Tracking for Retail), and have partnered up with TACAS and i3 International for all your video analytics requirements. We also provide larger retailers and shopping centres with our patent Trolley Tracking software that enables them to track their trolleys via their CCTV systems.

The i3VSA Intelligent Video Analytics provided by our partners at TACAS and i3 International, allows retailers to better understand consumers by proving insights via the CMS. These insights can be accessed remotely via smart devices, letting you compare conversion rates at multiple stores and access reports. It also lets you optimise your staff, understand where customers are spending most of the time via heat map technology and what items are more popular than others. Information that is available to multiple departments such as sales, marketing and merchandising, eliminating the guesswork when making important decisions.

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Track your products 24/7

One time push button stock taking

POS and CCTV systems integration

Receive notifications via smart devices


24/7 Automated System

Check multiple stores remotely

Remote OH&S alerts and incident reports

Staff Optimisation, Wait Time and Heat Maps


24/7 CCTV coverage

View footage on smart devices

Loss prevention, asset & facilities protection

Patient, Visitor, and Staff safety around the clock

The new and upgraded VLB POS interface by VTS is here!

VTS’ new and upgraded VLB POS interface with hold up and duress alarms including CCTV integration.

We are proud to say that our VLB is Australian made and manufactured since its inception over 25 yrs ago.

Connect with any POS systems, create silent alarms when suspicious activity occurs at registers, and capture all alarms via CCTV system.

Easy to connect and setup on any alarm system.

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Vision Asset Tracking for Retail (VAT4R) provides retailers with automated tools that track their products not only via their tags but also CCTV. VAT4C can integrate seamlessly with existing IP CCTV systems, POS, Alarms, Access Control, in fact, any of the site’s systems. Imagine being alerted as soon as items have left the depot and on route to individual outlets, when they arrive at a particular outlet and once there they are automatically scanned into your inventory!

VTS understands that both Management and Staff have better things to waste their time on, such as their Customers, so we have created the VAT4R solutions to allow just that. Track your items post arrival all the way through to sales, know where the item is at every second of every day, better understand your consumers with our integrated analytics to determine who is buying, what they’re buying and when there buying. Provide your Sales, Marketing and Merchandise teams with the information they need to remove the guesswork, increasing customer engagement and ultimately sales.

Reduce store loss with our tamper proof tags and video alerts, keep your staff and customers safe with our OHS features, the list goes on!

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Trolley counter with fob technology
Trolley counter with fob technology
Asset control. Trolley count. Security solution for retail

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