Solutions for Every Project

Solutions for Every Industry.

At VTS, we are at the forefront when it comes to Business Security. We have a team of experienced and professional system designers, software developers, and installers to help work on your project by designing and deploying high-performance systems across your business. We pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions to all our clients, and to utilise our unique strategy of thinking outside the box.

We understand our consumer needs and endeavour to exceed consumer expectations.

We understand the importance of security within business’, homes and public spaces and we understand the peace of mind security provides.

Yet we also understand that clients have other demands to meet and with the technology that VTS utilises through software development and analytics, we can meet these exact needs, providing our clients with systems that target a whole lot more than just security.

Solution by Industry

We have our specialists with an extensive background in the creation and designing of scalable systems for different industries spanning from gaming, construction, hospitality, retail, education, and manufacturing among others.

Solution by Technology

VTS is an expert when it comes to developing tested and professional video surveillance solutions. We have our specialists on ground with in-depth knowledge in integrating IP and CCTV surveillance technology using your existing infrastructure, and they are always patience and take the time to listen and respond to your specific requirements.

VTS Solutions

Providing tailored solutions across all industries. Let us help you make the right choice!