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From using our expertise to reduce the level of theft for business owners to boosting security in schools and hospitals, CCTV Video Surveillance Systems can be used to increase safety and to provide you with peace of mind. When you invest in total IP Video Surveillance System Solutions, they come with all the things required to make your security systems smarter.

We have a large range of cameras that you can use to monitor both inside and outside of your facilities, and they record 24/7 ensuring you don’t miss a thing. Integrate CCTV Analytics to not only gain valuable consumer insights, but also to secure your premises, and to ensure your staff and customers are safe. Receive automated alerts directly from your smart devices and take back control of your systems.

VTS also understands the importance of treating customers as more than just a number. That is why we have established a Software Development team to create our latest customer focused software “You’re Welcome”, that helps a business retain their customer.

Featured Industries

security surveillance solutions

VTS makes it a priority to understand your business and offers industry specific tailored solutions that turn your security expenditure into an investment.


CCTV IP Security Systems, VAT4C (vision asset tracking for casinos), Video Analytics and Access Control are some of the automated solutions that we offer.  These easy-to-use tools help increase your facilities security, gain valuable insights that help you better understand your customers’ behaviour and track your assets and staff.


VAT4R allows retailers to track their goods 24/7, instantly entering stock into their inventory when it arrives. VTS can also integrate this PATENT technology with CCTV, POS and Analytics to provide a smart automated system that provides total security, reduces loss, provides invaluable insights into customer behaviour and ensures the safety of staff and customers alike.


VTS can not only provide the most reliable IP CCTV Systems to help ensure the safety of your workforce, patients, visitors, assets, and facilities, we can now provide total tracking solutions for things such as medicines and surgical implements. VTS can also provide both pneumatic tube and robotic delivery systems, allowing staff to focus on what is important, the patient!


VTS promises to make your buildings smarter, connecting multiple systems, to help reduce operating costs and increase the safety, productivity, and quality of life of those who live and work inside their walls. We integrate and automate security, emergency, lighting, heating and more, lowering expenses and increasing efficiency.


Our airport security solutions help with loss prevention and facility security. Never miss a thing with our Vision Asset Tracking technology and the most trusted IP HD CCTV Surveillance Systems, Access Control and Video Analytics. Total airport security across all airport operations, including terminal, tarmac, office, warehouse and inventory 24/7.


Vision Asset Tracking for Military, VAT4M provides tracking solutions for the armed forces. We can now track ammunitions, weaponry, vehicles and even personnel visually from the ground, air or space by integrating VAT4C with CCTV systems and also our partner’s technologies such as drones and satellites, helping to take care of our service men and women.

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Government Security Solutions

Smart city security solution

We provide a variety of solutions for Government facilities such as airports, rail, diplomatic buildings, ports, stadiums, and arenas, and more. CCTV Systems with analytics, facial and number plate recognition, crowd control systems, tracking,and more.

Warehouse Industry Solutions

Vision Technology Systems warehouse security solutions

VTS provides automated CCTV Security System and Tracking Technology (VAT4W), that can be used to minimise loss, track inventory and ensure staff safety, remotely from the convenience of your smartphones, tablets, and PC’s.

24/7 Fitness Industry Solutions

Security systems for fitness industry

Personalise your customers’ experience when they walk into your gym with You’re Welcome and utilise our CCTV Technology and Access Control solutions to provide members with a safe environment. 2/47 security guaranteed for members and staff.

Education Industry Solutions

Vision Technology Systems education surveillance systems

CCTV Security Systems ensure the safety of staff, students, facilities, and volunteers on campus or in the classrooms. With our CCTV Security Analytics,  you can automate your security systems and be confident in providing a secure place of study and work.

Hospitality Industry Solutions

Hospitality is all about customer experiences! The safer and more welcoming the destination is, the higher the chance that they will stay loyal to your brand. VTS uses PATENT technologies that ensure visitors stay safe and feel they are more than just a number.

Cruise Ship Industry Solutions

Vision Technology Systems cruisier and ships security solutions

Cruise ships are small cities water, therefore, security and control are absolutely necessary when far away from the coast. Man overboard, passenger underwater in the pool for too long are just some of the automated feature we provide.

Crowd Management

Crowd Management Solutions

Crowd safety is paramount, and VTS provides the latest automated CCTV Security Technology, Video Analytics, and Facial Recognition so you can organise safer events, provide safer public spaces, create an environment where people want to be.

Industrial Solutions

Vision Technology Systems industrial security solutions

CCTV Video Analytics by VTS, allows you to easily monitor staff safety and help to prevent theft at your warehouse, farm, factory and construction sites. Receive automated alerts when there is a spill, fire, smoke, intruders and more.

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