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24/7 access control system

VTS You're Welcome Software

Acknowledge, Reward & Retain Customers

Personalise your customers’ experience when they walk into your gym with You’re Welcome, CCTV Technology and Access Control solutions. These security solutions will provide your fitness facilities a welcoming environment, security, extra services and an information platform.

Security systems for fitness industry

24/7 Access

You’re Welcome! increases membership sales and builds up members’ satisfaction. Combined with the latest video security technology and fobs systems you get full control of your fitness business even when you are working remotely.

At VTS we don't compromise when it comes to security.

At VTS we understand that your gym needs to operate 24/7 and at times with no staff, therefore we will not compromise on security and this is why we have designed the VTS security solution for the 24/7 fitness industry. We offer complete security, whilst proving a personalised experience for your members.

Our systems a completely customisable and offer the following and more.

  • 24/7 access control system
  • High security fobs and reader/writer
  • Security surveillance systems
  • Intruders detection
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Duress Pendants
  • Alarm monitoring service
  • After hours personlised greetings
  • Virtual fitness classes for your members
  • Remote CCTV access
  • Personalise information touch point
  • Immobile bodies detection
  • POS integration
  • Analytic Insights
  • Catch up classes using mobile devices or in-store screens

24/7 Access and high security fobs

24/7 Access Control Fobs

Fob key

VTS provides high-end security fobs that cannot be copied unlike other fobs on the market. This is to ensure the safety of facilities, members, and staff 24 hours, 7 days a week. Call us to find out more about our secure fobs and prices.

Access Control Fobs not only assist business in securing their facilities but they also allow your staff or customers to easily access the areas they need, 24/7!

VTS customers can now integrate their access control and fobs systems with our You’re Welcome software to personalise their members experience by greeting them when they arrive at your club, communicate with them whilst they are there and acknowledge them when they leave. You can use the “You’re Welcome” platform to set up rewards programs, send promotional alerts and provide training classes on the go.

Clubs can also gain insights regarding consumer patterns to make informed business decisions based on the data.

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