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Access Control Systems

Multi-Site Integration

VTS provides that latest in access control, intercom, and alarm systems. We have partnered with some of the largest providers and are trained and certified to design, install and maintain multiple systems. Protect your assets, facilities, visitors, and staff with our partner’s security solutions.

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Reliable Alarm Systems

VTS works with a broad range of Access Control, Alarms and Intercom systems that offer flexible and scalable solutions for your organisation regardless of its size and needs. These systems offer peace of mind knowing that they have the flexibility to adapt if and when your organisation changes or expands.

Access and Intrusion

VTS offers multiple solutions with extensive capabilities that come in all shapes and sizes and are adaptable no matter if it’s just for one site or many sites distributed across a city, country or the globe. Some access control features are as follows:

> Biometrics Access: Fingerprint, Facial, and Iris
> Wireless access via smartphones, card, and fobs
> Assign or suspend access cards or fobs easily
> Manage employee’s access across multiple locations
> Reports via event log to verify all access events and breaches
> Manage your site risk and enforce OH&S policies
> Alarm monitoring
> Manage your system from one or many locations
> Control access for doors, elevators, car parks and vehicles
> High-security dual-user access or anti-pass back policies may be assigned
> Receive automated alarms for access security breaches
> Emergencies can be managed with site lockdowns and alert communications

Access Control Integration

Integrate with multiple systems including our patent Vision Asset Tracking, You’re Welcome solutions and also Video Analytics.


Intercom systems can be integrated into security management system allowing operators to view and control intercom functionality and related intercom alarms and events directly from the systems user interface. These systems may trigger actions such as:

> Open an entrance door
> Control lifts
> Live video footage from intercom door station
> Live video from integrated CCTV system
> Remote access features

Intercom systems can also monitor and control system actions, including:

> Creating a Call
> Answering a Call
> Ending or forwarding a call
> Call on Hold
> Accessing the call queue
> Controlling output on intercom point
> Setting volume control of intercom point
> Push to talk
> Allow authorised operators to open doors in response to calls made from the intercom door station.

VTS Industry Solutions

Providing tailored solutions across all industries. Let us help you make the right choice!