Vision Asset Tracking by VTS is a PATENT solution that integrates asset tracking technologies with IP CCTV surveillance systems. Though predominantly created for Casino’s, we have customised VAT to provide multiple industries with solutions that can easily integrate with most existing technologies and security systems.

Our main objective is to allow business to never lose sight of their assets, including staff and provide a smart automated system that can reduce loss and increase efficiency. VTS can consult, design and install the VAT systems and our software development team can customise our CMS to meet your specific business needs.

Some Features:

» 24/7 Real-Time Tracking
» Automated Inventory
» Real Time Alerts and Updates
» Instant Stocktaking
» CCTV Recording and Snapshot
» Inventory History Reports
» Item tracker (search specific item)
» Keyless Access
» Anti-Tampering Tags
» Customised CMS
» Product Insights

The VTS PATENT VAT4C (Vision Asset Tracking for Casinos), was created by the VTS Software Development Team specifically for the Casino industry to help eliminate loss and provide automated procedures. Our process is 100% fail proof and offers more than just tracking. If you are an industry related professional, please contact VTS for further information.

Vision Asset Tracking for Retail (VAT4R) provides retailers with automated tools that track their products not only via their tags but also CCTV. VAT4R can integrate seamlessly with existing IP CCTV systems, POS, Alarms, Access Control, in fact, any of the site’s systems. Imagine being alerted as soon as items have left the depot and on route to individual outlets, when they arrive at a particular outlet and once there they are automatically scanned into your inventory!

VTS understands that both Management and Staff have better things to waste their time on, such as their Customers, so we have created the VAT4R solutions to allow just that. Track your items post arrival all the way through to sales, know where the item is at every second of every day, better understand your consumers with our integrated analytics to determine who is buying, what they’re buying and when they’re buying. Provide your Sales, Marketing and Merchandise teams with the information they need to remove the guesswork, increasing customer engagement and ultimately sales.

Reduce store loss with our tamper proof tags and video alerts, keep your staff and customers safe with our OHS features, the list goes on!

VAT4H or better known as Vision Asset Tracking for Hospitals is one of many solutions that arose from VAT4C. This solution allows for medicines and surgical implements to be tracked 24/7 via CCTV. Staff can now ensure that the correct medicines or surgical implements reflect the right quantities are stored appropriately and dispatched on time to the correct departments. VAT4H provides constant footage of any particular asset that staff can access via the VAT user interface so you always know where the asset is and who has been in contact with it.

Never second guess yourself in terms of inventory as the VAT4H instantly scans items into your inventory, adjusts stock numbers according, alerts you when numbers are low, the item has expired or even when an item has been stolen or tampered with. All with footage for evidence.

VTS can also install pneumatic tube delivery systems that will deliver assets directly to the appropriate areas, saving time, money and allowing staff to concentrate on their patients.

Vision Asset Tracking for Military, VAT4M provides tracking solutions for the military. Track ammunition, weapons, vehicles and even personnel at every moment on every day.

Specific information can be obtained by contacting VTS directly.

Unfortunately, the world we live in is not a safe place and we are constantly reminded of incidents that are mostly out of our control. At VTS we want to play our part in making it that little bit safer by providing security personnel with the right tools to make their job of keeping people safe a whole lot easier.

VAT4A can assist in keeping airports safer by not only tracking assets such as baggage and being able to determine who was associated with that baggage and where that specific baggage is at every single moment but also people.  This is made possible by incorporating our facial recognition as part of this solution. Staff will be able to receive automated alerts when a potential threat is detected such as known criminals or terrorist suspects, suspicious activities such as baggage being left behind and more.

This solution can also be integrated with access control systems to ensure only the right people have access to their designated areas and will alert staff if attempts have been made to gain entrance by potential threats.

Secure your facilities and provide your customers with peace of mind by lowering the potential threats.

Vision Asset Tracking for Oil or VAT4O has been developed by VTS to track oil barrels and plastic containers.

Our solution has led us to design and manufacture our own special caps fitted with our technology so that our clients maintain the correct stock/inventory levels, deliver the right quantities of products to their buyers and always know where their products are, 24/7 in real time.

We understand that different businesses have different needs and that is why our VAT solutions are tailored and completely customisable to meet specific requirements.

VAT4V – Vision Asset Tracking for Vehicles was predominantly designed to provide embassies with automated tools that could alert to them of any potential dangers that could put their facilities, consulate staff, and visitors at risks. However, this technology can easily be adapted to other situations that require vehicle tracking solutions.

For more information on VAT4V, contact Vision Technology Systems.

VAT4T, Vision Asset Tracking for Trolleys, is an effective and least expensive system for tracking shopping trolleys helping you save time, money and headaches.

Our patent system uses tracking and CCTV technologies to track the location of your trolleys both visually and through radio signals, so you never lose sight of your trolleys, and displays the results on indoor screens and mobile devices as well as sending automated alerts when there is a shortage or when the trolley has left the predefined area. Other trolley solutions such as locking wheels, usually cost more than a new trolley, whilst the VTS system uses tracking technologies in the handle for a much lower cost as there is no need for moving parts.

Shopping centres and managers can provide their marketing, sales, and merchandise departments with the VTS data to better understand their customer’s behaviour.

Vision asset tracking for trolleys is completely customisable, allowing us to provide you with tailored solutions to match your business needs.