Outdoor Coverage

Protect your investments

IP CCTV surveillance systems offer future-proof security solutions to monitor activities both inside and outside the workplace helping to protect you from multiple security risks. At VTS we have over 25yrs in consulting, designing, installing and maintaining multiple types of CCTV Systems and have built partnerships with the world’s leading brands.

Indoor Coverage

At VTS, we are trained and licensed to install and maintain a large range of HD IP CCTV Technologies and can design the best systems for our clients with both their needs and budget in mind.

IP CCTV offers more than just footage and the ability to record and retrieve it, cameras can now send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet. Some of the potential advantages are as follows.

» Higher Image Resolution: IP cameras have a high resolution when compared to analogue cameras and can provide multi-megapixel resolution and high-quality HDTV images.

» Remote Access: Use a computer or mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets from any remote location to view live video footage and control individual cameras.

» Intelligence: Video Analytics can be used in conjunction with IP CCTV that allows for motion detection, object recognition such as facial and number plate, people counting and dwell time, sending alerts and much more.

» Power: Can operate without a dedicated power supply by using PoE-protocol, which provides power via the Ethernet cable.

» Communication: IP Cameras can be used as a two-way communications tool.

» Wireless: Configuring IP Cameras over a router allows them to be used on a wireless network.


Box Cameras

Security for any environment

Thermal Cameras

Reliable in any conditions

Fixed Bullet Cameras

Multi-purpose surveillance

Panoramic Cameras

360 view for greater coverage

Fixed Dome Cameras

Discreet surveillance

Fisheye Cameras

Wider field of view

PTZ Cameras

Pan, tilt & zoom capabilities

Protected Cameras

Hazardous area applications

360 view

360 Degree View

360-degree cameras can provide an overall view and limit the number of cameras, saving you money.


Video Analytics

IP cameras can integrate Video Analytic such as heat mapping to provide users with invaluable insights.

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