The urbanisation of the population is a large trend on a global scale, which results in more complex urban environments, so it is paramount that local councils and Government agencies address this.

Vision Technology Systems (VTS), provides multiple platforms that support the transformation of cities from a reactive model to a proactive one, helping local Government and Councils to develop ‘Smart City’ concepts by adopting future-proof technologies.

With our PATENT Vision Asset Tracking for Government VAT4G, Intelligent Video Analytics, IP Surveillance Systems, and other smart cities and building solutions, we help to enable feasible individual and collective decisions within Government departments regarding how future proof technologies can improve the functioning of cities.

By utilising technology systems and software we are able to extract data that in turn can be monitored, understood, analysed to improve efficiency, equity, create sustainability and minimise the impact on the environment, improving the quality of life for its citizens and future generations.

Smart Environment

The use of smart devices can provide invaluable data so that end users can better understand and control the environment. These devices can be easily integrated with multiple systems to ensure security, sustainability and efficiency and a totally automated.

VTS implements technologies such as Vision Asset Tracking and Analytics to assist with lowering the impact on the environment and we can provide tailored solutions to meet these challenges.

Smart Energy

With a constant reliance on fossil fuels to provide for our energy needs, the impact on the environment is felt more and more every day and the high costs for consumers also factor into the standards of living. By investing in Smart Energy solutions governments can reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and at the same time provide their citizens with a much higher standard of living.

At VTS we provide solutions that deliver valuable insights into energy efficiency within facilities and compare them to others so that the end-user can determine how to maximise efficiency, lower costs and provide safer public areas.

Smart Medicine

We have invested heavily in making Hospitals smarter with the development of our VAT4H or Vision Asset Tracking for Hospitals solution. VTS has also partnered up with like-minded companies to provide advanced robotics and delivery systems and intelligent analytics to ensure hospitals run to their full potential.

Smart Transport

Extraction of statistical data from traffic platforms and transport can significantly improve congestion, noise, and emissions by helping Government and Council to better plan timetables, build roads and plan for any future developments to ensure it is operating to its full potential.

VTS can anticipate traffic situations using live data and can communicate information with commuters, sending safety alerts and recommending alternate routes to help reduce congestion. We can also monitor parking lots with respect to usage, making it possible to send commuters alerts of the closest available parking facilities.

Internet of Things

iOT or better known as the Internet of Things is a connects any device with an on and off switch to the Internet and also each other if required. This can include everything from smart devices such a mobile phones, wearable device, kitchen appliances, washing machines, lights, in fact almost anything else you can think of. This can also be used to connect to machine components such as engines.

The possibilities are endless. VTS works with some of the leaders in these fields and also integrates these technologies with VTS PATENT solutions.


At VTS we make it our priority to understand your needs by consulting and design systems that meet your needs and our software development team allow us to provide more than just inside the box solutions.

VTS can work with you to ensure you reap the benefits of future-proof technologies, see how.

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