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At Vision Technology System we provide any kind of industrial business with tailored security and analytics solutions adapted to their needs.

Security technology

Keep Workforce and Environment safe

Do you need to know more about our video and tracking technology?

At VTS we work with a large range of CCTV surveillance systems, have our own patent vision tracking technology and also innovative video analytic software, allowing us to supply reliable solutions for all your business needs.

Our systems can provide a large range of solutions to ensure facilities and staff are secure. For example, we can supply the oil industry with complete automated systems that reduce the need to have staff overlooking live CCTV footage by setting up actions for specific locations, such as fire and smoke detection, intruder detections and even spill detection. Once the system determines if these and other events occur, they send out automated alerts to any device and can even trigger gates and bollards.

Our tracking technology can track assets such as oil barrels, even whilst they are being transported. The list goes on as our solutions offer endless possibilities, below are just a few.

  • Intruders detection
  • Explosion detection (visual and audible)
  • Staff management
  • Smoke and fire detection
  • Asset and people tracking
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Warning alerts
  • Automated barrier control
  • Automated lock downs
  • Remote access

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