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Hospitals require an additional layer of security and vigilance 24/7 to ensure safety at every moment. VTS’s provides the latest, most reliable security systems, vision analytics software, including our patent VAT4H. These systems are easily integrated and provide automated solutions to help track your assets and keep your facilities, staff, patients, and visitors safe.

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VTS not only provides the latest in CCTV security systems, we also provide our patent asset tracking technology VAT4H (Vision Asset Tracking for Hospitals), and have partnered up with TACAS and i3 International for all your video analytics requirements. Add to these our patent You’re Welcome software so that your patients and visitors feel like more than a number. You’re Welcome can greet and direct them to the correct departments, show them wait times and more, even providing them with sponsor information, newsletters etc.

At VTS we are always thinking outside the box and make it our priority to understand industry needs so that we can offer the best solutions possible. This is why we have invested partnered to provide other solutions for the medical industry such as pneumatics tubes and automated robotic delivery systems, allowing staff to concentrate on their patients, eliminating error and providing constant data to where your assets are 24/7.

VTS has the health industry covered.


Track your assets 24/7

Receive notifications via smart devices

Pneumatic Tube & Robotic Delivery systems

Integration with Security Surveillance Systems


24/7 Automated System

Remote health and OH&S alerts

Alarms, access control, tracking & CCTV

Wait time, staff optimisation, incident reports


24/7 CCTV coverage

View footage on smart devices

Loss prevention, asset & facilities protection

Patient, Visitor, and Staff safety around the clock


Vision Asset Tracking for Hospitals (VAT4H), not only allows hospitals to track surgical implements, medication, and blood but can also be used to track staff.

Items will be automatically entered into the inventory system as soon as they arrive and an alert sent to the relevant departments to make them aware. The VAT4H system will also alert staff when the item numbers are low and can even be set up to order these automatically, and our one push button stock take provides a report on your inventory, which includes totals, stock, orders, invoices and more. VAT4C can also track the expiry date of your items and alert staff so that they can be disposed and reordered.

Individual departments will be able to internally order items such as medicines on the go through smart devices and will be alerted once they are on their way. The order will be tracked via smart tags and also the CCTV system to ensure they do not go missing on the way and that the correct medicines and quantities are being delivered. Once they arrive at their destination they will be removed from storage inventory and added to the receiving department’s inventory to ensure correct numbers are always maintained.

Our smart tags will send out alerts if tampered with or removed and CCTV systems will capture footage of the person/persons responsible.

Items can be delivered by staff and also via our partner’s pneumatic tubes delivery systems or automated robotic trolley, saving staff time and allowing them to concentrate on their patients. It will also reduce delivery times so that there are no wait times for emergency situations and surgeries.

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