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At VTS we understand the everyday responsibilities when running a hospitality business. We offer automated solutions so you can spend your time looking after your guests.

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At VTS we understand the importance of making your guest feel comfortable and secure. We also know that a positive experience will increase the likelihood that they will remain loyal to your brand and provide future potential guests with great reviews about their stay. This is why we have designed a tailored solution for the hospitality industry that does more than providing security, it enhances brand recognition.

With our, You’re Welcome software and Video Analytics, we can deliver all the tools your business needs to save time, increase efficiency and boost business.

You’re Welcome provides your guests with a mobile application that allows them to book in, gain entry to their designated rooms 24/7, receive communications and more. This system integrates with the access control system, which recognises your and welcomes your guests once they arrive, it will also provide them with a touch point where they can find out information about their stay, what’s on and even guide them to their rooms.

Our Video Analytics that is integrated with CCTV can be used to alert you when a guest arrives or has been waiting in reception for a period of time and alert a staff member to go out and greet them. It can also provide visitor counts, certain demographics and let you know where they spend most of their time, information that can be used by different departments. Video Analytics can also be used to keep your staff and visitors safe by allowing you to make specific areas and create events in those areas. For example, you can mark the pool and create an event that will alert you if someone has been underwater for a specific amount of time or a high-risk area that will capture if anyone enters and flag an alarm.

The CCTV system will also record and provide footage of any such events so that you have all the evidence you need should it be required. These systems can help reduce insurance costs and minimise liability as well as keeping staff and guests safe.

VTS also provides tracking systems to track assets and staff. Our tracking solution can instantly enter items into your inventory, provide an instant stocktake at the push of a button and even ensure your staff is where they need to be.

The possibilities are endless! To find out more about our Hospitality Solutions, contact VTS today.

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