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VTS can consult on, design and install automated systems for smart buildings to provide a more efficient and safer environment. We can integrate multiple systems including our own patent VAT4B, Vision Asset Tracking for Buildings, our patent You’re Welcome software, and our partners IP CCTV surveillance & security systems, Intelligent Analytics and IoT technology.

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Businesses, Governments, Developers and Facility Managers who have the foresight to embrace integrated automated technologies today will ensure that their buildings and facilities become future-proof. Smart building innovations provide a more efficient and productive way of working and a safer environment for staff and visitors alike.

VTS has PATENT technologies such as VAT4B that can track assets, staff, and visitors via radio frequency and CCTV simultaneously. This ensures that you never lose site of your assets, staff, and visitors and can rest assure that they are safe and where they need to be.

The VTS You’re Welcome software provides an automated greeting point for your staff visitors and customers, making them feel more than just a number. Our platform allows them to sign in, whilst providing any relevant information, such as induction information, the location of their meeting, and more. The business is alerted via their dashboard or smart devices when clients have arrived and can rest assure that they can find their way to the designated meeting area and are aware of important information such as emergency procedure etc.

Our partners also provide us with the latest and smartest IP CCTV surveillance systems, alarms and access control to ensure complete security and allow specific staff and visitors with access to designated areas within the building. VTS has also partnered with TACAS who are the Australian distributor for the i3 International range of products and software solutions, including “Videologix” (Intelligent Analytics Software).

Videologix has the ability to recognise humans, vehicles, and objects and provide insights such as People count, Area detection, Crosswire and Dwell Time. Add to this IoT technology and you have a completed automated and integrated system that will reduce overheads, increase efficiency and ensure security.

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