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Security system warehouse

Track and Manage your assets

The patented VTS Vision Asset Tracking solution integrated with CCTV Video Security, Video Analytics and Object Recognition, provides complete automated coverage of your business.

At VTS we work with multiple security systems that allow us to provide security solutions that meet your needs and budget.

We have also developed our patent Vision Asset Tracking for Warehouse (VAT4W) solution to provide the warehouse industry with the tools to track their assets via the latest tracking technologies and CCTV cameras. Now you can not only view data but also footage of your assets on every minute of every day, even when you are away.

VAT4W will alert you when an item, items, or pallets are being delivered to you via your desktop or mobile devices, and when it arrives. Once at your warehouse it is instantly entered into your inventory, no need to scan and the items are then tracked throughout the warehouse, including through the CCTV cameras, providing visual tracking capabilities. Once assets are dispatched you will receive an alert and the item will be removed from your inventory.

We use smart tags that can be attached to your assets and if removed they will trigger an event that will send an alert and also capture footage of the moment it was removed. Our CMS user interface also lets you search for a specific asset and provides information such as location and a visual of the asset. Add to this our 1 push button stock take and you have an efficient and completely automated tracking system.

VTS can also provide Video Analytics that can be used to as an OH&S tool to lower the risk to staff and visitors. You can select and mark specific areas of your warehouse that you would like the CCTV system to monitor and receive alerts when something triggers that area, For example: If you mark safety lines and forklift constantly cross them putting your staff at risk you will be alerted or select a shelf and mark a line at the safe height level and if a box or item is placed over that line you will be alerted. The system can also pick up an oil or water spill and send out alerts to advise the area is unsafe.

Other features include:

  • Intruders detection
  • Access control
  • Staff managing
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Automated fire and smoke alerts
  • Permitter detection

The possibilities are endless. To find out more on how VTS can make your systems smarter, contact VTS today!

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