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Our airport security solutions help with loss prevention and facility security. Never miss a thing with our Vision Asset Tracking technology and the most trusted IP HD CCTV Surveillance Systems, Access Control and Video Analytics.

Asset and staff tracking

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Airport Security Solutions

Airport operations demand the highest of standards when it comes to safety, reliability, efficiency, and comfort. We are reminded daily that the world is not a safe place and past events show that airports and air travel are prone to be targeted by various groups and individuals. Unfortunately, we can’t always change the mindsets of people who wish to hurt others, but we can adopt technologies that help reduce the risks and hopefully prevent disasters from happening.

At VTS we work with the worlds most trusted brands in IP HD CCTV surveillance systems, access control, and video analytics. This allows us to provide high risks industries with high-end, reliable security solutions to increase safety whilst enhancing reliability and efficiency.

Our solutions incudes object detection such as bag left behind and recognition such as facial. We can create automated alerts to capture potential threats or suspicious activities and these alerts can be sent to smart devices and can also create automated controllers, for example, activating barriers automatically.

Airport Loss Prevention and Facility Security Solutions - VTS

Video Analytics

Video Analytics can also be used to enhance safety and security. Detect if a crown is becoming unstable, a fire has broken out, detect smoke plumes and alert security personnel, emergency services or law enforcement to where this is taking place in real time.

Analytics can also be used to supply real-time crowd number, unsafe queues, and even some demographics. You can select multiple areas and create specific events triggers that send automated alerts i.e. an area that is out of bounds or a perimeter that should not be crossed.

VAT4A – Vision Asset Tracking with loss prevention

The VTS software development team has designed our PATENT Vision Asset Tracking system that is completely customisable. This solution provides visual tracking so that you not only know where your assets are but also see where they are. You can capture every moment 24/7 and be able to search through the history of any asset which includes snapshots and footage for your records.

Our Vision Asset Tracking provides a list of options that can be setup to provide efficiency, loss prevention and provide in depth report of any asset or individual.

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