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VTS’ new and upgraded VLB POS interface Version 6 with hold up and duress alarms including CCTV integration.

We are proud to say that our VLB is Australian made and manufactured since its inception over 25 yrs ago.

Connect with any POS systems, create silent alarms when suspicious activity occurs at registers, and capture all alarms via CCTV system.

Easy to connect and setup on any alarm system.

To find out more contact us today!

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Vision Technology Systems installs Smart Building Solution along with Dallmeier and the Panomera camera at Hibiscus Basketball Stadium.

Hibiscus Stadium is a four-court multi-sport venue that required a security solution that would allow the stadium management team to create a safe and healthy environment for sports and community activities.

“We have had significant behavioral issues with attendees, such as theft of possessions and damage to equipment and therefore wanted a security system that provided tracking and monitoring of attendees. The service and cooperation with VTS have been excellent – they have greatly aided in the security of our facility” Rob Tankey, the General Manager at South West Metro Basketball/Hibiscus Stadium Management.

We asked Rob if he felt that the system has helped with security since it went live. “Yes, we have greater visibility of activities such as participant behavior. For example, we provided footage for a report that was conducted for a Futsal game and the evidence was enough to warrant sanctions that were imposed by the body managing the competition. We also found a culprit that had stolen a device out of a player’s bag and quickly had it returned”.

“We found that VTS had a wealth of knowledge when it came to security and would recommend their services to anyone looking for security solutions”.

For more information on the Dallmeier Security Systems, including the Panomera range of cameras, contact VTS today on 1300 107 727.

Travis and Tony Casuscelli

We are happy to announce that our VTS – Vision Asset Tracking (VAT) solution has received recognition at the 22nd annual Australian Security Industry Awards for Excellence 2017, under the “Product of the Year – CCTV IP System / Solution” category.

VTS has launched the patent VAT solution globally, providing the Casino Industry with a 100% fail-safe, real-time tracking solutions, that ensures they never lose sight of their assets.

The VAT solution will be expanded to cover multiple industries such as Hospitals, Airports, Retail, Military and more. To find out how your business can benefit from Vision Asset Tracking and how it works, contact us at VTS today.



The VTS office has been bustling with excitement this week as we have just launched our new product, You’re Welcome!You’re Welcome is a new, innovative system that assists health clubs, office spaces, and other professional facilities in delivering personalised greetings to members or employees.You’re Welcome uses the data from an individual’s access card to deliver the correct stored message; whether this is a greeting when they walk into the facility, a message that alerts them about something important once they are within the facility, or even virtual hangouts – for eg. a virtual group fitness class.Thriving off innovation and challenge, we tailor-make each and every system to suit you, your brand and your facility. We want your system to define you and your business. Ensuring that you are receiving the absolute, best system for the absolute, best results.

Confused and wondering how it works?

Ok, we’ll use a 24-hour gym as an example setting for You’re Welcome.

Most gyms have extended their hours to be open 24 hours each and every day, in the hope of increasing membership sales and member satisfaction. But unfortunately, in some cases, this has led to the exact opposite. When members visit after-hours, all your time and effort that has been spent building up your member interaction and providing a welcoming environment… suddenly goes unnoticed. Walking into a gym after-hours can leave members feeling insecure, uncomfortable and unwelcome.

You’re Welcome solves that exact problem.

Picture this, a member walks into your club, they are greeted by a pre-recorded message from their favourite staff member; they instantly feel warm, welcome and motivated about being there. The member hops onto the treadmill, fifteen minutes into their run – the group fitness instructor pops up on screen and reminds them that there is a Pilates class in ten minutes (which is the member’s favourite class of course). The member feels even more motivated and not to mention, special and appreciated. The member attends the class, to be welcomed with a pre-recorded group fitness setting with her favourite instructor and herself in the video.

To clarify VTS’ work ethic; we won’t just come in, install the system and leave you to it. No, that’s definitely not what we’re all about. We’ll be with you every step of the way – assisting with building your portfolio of videos, building an internal studio, fitting your system and ensuring it’s working to the best of its’ ability. VTS will be there to solve any of your electrical, security, lighting needs.

Now be the first and leading gym or office space to install this fantastic system, let VTS help you today.

Enquire now National: 1300 107 727, International: +61 7 3166 8978 to pre-order your system.

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