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Software Development

More than Security

At VTS, we have invested heavily in our software development team so that we can provide our clients with tailored security solutions that meet their business needs.

Apps for security remote control

App Development

At VTS we know that each industry is unique and face different challenges when it comes to security. That is why our software development team is focused on designing tailored solutions to help answers your business needs and helps you improve your overall security strategy.

We have developed PATENT systems that offer 100% full proof solutions to our global clients, enhancing their overall security by providing completely customisable tools.

PATENT Systems:

The VTS Vision Asset Tracking (VAT) solution provides multiple industries with an integrated tracking and CCTV technology so that they never lose sight of their assets. VAT is able to integrate with other security and surveillance systems such as Access Control, Alarms, and Intercoms and can include Video Analytics and POS integration, creating a complete integrated security solution.

Our You’re Welcome software helps recognise your staff, clients, and visitors allowing them to feel like more than just a number. The You’re Welcome system can be customised to meet any of your business needs and can be integrated with multiple security systems, Access Control, POS and even rewards programs.

For more information about VTS’s PATENT solutions and how they can help your business, contact us at VTS today!

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